2nd April Parallell AMA Recap with Joshua

Hello Parallell community, here’s a recap for our AMA event with our project director.

AMA Event 2nd April 2022 Recap


Joshua is our project director, we are honored to invite you @AvalonJP to do an AMA about the Parallell project.

I’m pretty sure that our AMA participants are very excited to learn more about Parallell, so let’s get started!

Are you ready?@AvalonJP


Let’s get started.

Q1. Could you please introduce yourself to the community?

Sure, my name is Joshua, and I’ve been living in the United States for 10 years now. I am a very passionate person.

I have been working in the field of engineering for over 6 years before starting my own business as a founder of Flowingcell and Homebloc.

By being an entrepreneur, I realized how important technology could shift our lives.

I have been following the blockchain industry for more than 5 years. My passion is to share knowledge on cryptocurrency with everyone, especially those who are new to this space.

That’s pretty much info about me.

And now, I am thrilled to be joining Parallell as project director.

Richard, that’s my brief intro about me.





Q2. We are so curious about Parallell! Please tell us more about Parallell in detail?


That’s a very good question.

I am thrilled to answer it.

Parallell is a cinematic gaming, entertainment and travel experience that blurs the line between reality and fantasy by combining earth-based locations (digital twins) and mystical Parallell dimensions.

As an adventurist, you will encounter Terra3, Utopium and Cornerstone within a constantly expanding, photorealistic galaxy.

That’s the metaverse we are building.

And also the gaming mechanics and blockchain tech release real-world destinations from the limitations of reality, while fantasy planets create experiences that could only exist in a cinematic metaverse.

That’s the introduction of Parallell.

And you guys can find more info in our lightpaper and deck.


Great. I can not wait to enter Parallell world.


Q3.Could you please explain what the worlds are like in Parallell?



It depends on where you end up in the Parallell universe. We offer visitors and residents in Parallell a choice on how realistic or how fantastic they want their metaverse to be.

On one planet in Parallell, the experience is game oriented like an online RPG. On another planet, it could be a digital twin of an actual physical location on Earth that travelers can explore and interact with.

The choice is yours, based on which world and experience you seek.

Richard, that’s my view of Parallell world.

And you will get excited once you enter into it


Sounds good.


Q4:How does Parallell work? What are the requirements for users if they want to join your platform?


Good question.

We introduced a different approach for users to engage with our worlds. They require digital passports (DP), this enables users to travel to various themed locations within Parallell’s galaxy, including our partner worlds, enabling holders to have a single access point to take advantage of diverse activities.

Because we will have different worlds and experiences, we eliminate the hassle of creating multiple accounts for each world you interact with. Think of how we use our passport to travel around the globe with one passport and multiple entry points.

DP is the core design to enter into these different worlds.

An example is that the same passport is used to travel to Cerro Tusa the first digital twin, or to cornerstone, which is the Viking like themed word, and lastly you can go to utopium space station, the first of its kind luxury station that houses many diverse interest points.

The most exciting part about Parallell is that we have different world with different experiences

Each world will give you a unique experience and gameplay. utopium for example has common and luxury residences and entertainment travel destinations within this world. We offer gaming, shopping, and entertainment experiences for brands and communities to interact and explore.

That’s my answer to this question.


Excellent. Let’s go to the last question of this session.


We can explore more details later on.

Sounds good.


Q5. What is Parallell’s revenue model? How do you generate revenue/profit?


Anyone cares about this.

LLELL will include granting access to specific tournaments and opportunities, using LLELL as a stakeholder to receive ecosystem rewards and incentives.

In some cases, it is used as a form of exchange for goods and services within the ecosystem or minting digital assets at certain Parallell Asset Stations spread throughout the platform experience.The LLELL token will also be used to incentivize the growth of the network and participation in network activities.

So everything in Parallell is related to LLELL token.

Richard , that’s my answer to this question.


Good, the second session is about 5 Twitter live questions.

Let’s go to the first one.


Good to answer some questions from our twitter users.


What’s the value of Avatar Pass? Can it be traded on the platform?


Avatar pass is the skin of Parallell digital passport NFT. Your customizable avatar pass type will be randomly generated from Parallel’s tribe inhabitants of: humans, animals, and aliens.p

Each tribe has unique features and abilities.

To experience the range of gameplay, just upgrade your DP and get an additional avatar pass.

Of course, it is planned to launch the trading platform in the future.

It will be coming soon in the second quarter of this year.

Avatar pass has unique value to have within the Parallell metaverse world

You can change your skin and character via avatar pass.

Richard, that’s my answer to this question.


Good, question 2 from Twitter users.


Can you explain how your Tokenomics Distribution is? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?


Our max supply is 2 billion.

And you can find the detailed allocations in our deck and lighter paper.

We have not had TGE yet, that will be middle of the year. This tokenomics helps showcase the uses and distribution.

We will do this over second quarter of 2022

So it’s coming up soon to mint the token.

All these details can be find in our deck and lightpaper.

Please take a look or you can ask our CMs for more details.



Question 3 from Twitter users


What’s your advantages compared to other projects?


We are so unique in space.

We provide a layered experience.

It’s more than just plots of land, which is what you see in other projects, we are building them based on worlds and craft storyline to provide a coherent experience that can be both open and guided depending on your preference.

We offer visitors and residents in Parallell a choice on how realistic or how fantastic they want their metaverse to be.

On one planet in Parallell, the experience is game oriented like an online RPG. On another planet, it could be a digital twin of an actual physical location on Earth that travelers can explore and interact with.

In the space station, we are creating a high end realistic meeting and commerce hub that players can come and conduct online meetings and interact with, that will be both futuristic but very much linked to our real world.

So basically our metaverse bring reality world digital twins into our virtual metaverse.

It blurs the line between reality and virtual.

Richard, that’s my understanding of the question.

Of course there are a lot of differences we designed to differentiate us from others.


Great, question 4 from Twitter users.


What’s the solution that comes with your project?


Lack of connectivity between virtual and real world. We also do not want people buying and holding land where you have empty activity like most Metaverse projects.

That’s the problem with most metaverse projects.

We are also incentivizing communities and brands, creating the future of the internet as most people are clamoring the Metaverse to be.

A real metaverse with more activities and more communities to engage with..

Richard, above is my answer to this question.

I think we are the very first project to solve this issue.


okay, let’s go to the last question of this session.


Have you solved the NFT and Metaverse problems of over minting in tokens that makes the market unsustainable?


The amount of issued NFTs is written in the smart contract. We have accurate economic models, and stable long-term development plans, so the problem won’t happen like you said.

We are designing the ecosystem very carefully to ensure a long term and sustainable ecosystem.

Our team members have very good experiences in crypto space.

So we are designing a sustainable tokenomics so that everyone can benefit from it.

From participating in the ecosystem.

Richard, that’s my answer to the last questions.


Great answer. We will go to the last session now.


Sounds good.


Now, everyone can send questions here, feel free to ask any questions.Winners will get Avatar Pass NFT.


What’s your next product plan in April as a product director?


We are going to release our Digital passport.

And First world of NFT in April.

And more things will be released in April.

April is very important month for us


Staking Programme Is Very Important For Any Project,? Can I Stake Your Token? Do You Have Any Plan For Starting A Staking Program??🧡


Of course.

This is an important function for NFTs.You can stake your NFT to get LLeLL.

While you are not using it.


Actually, Utopium looks great but is there any exciting news about it?


We are going to show the community the overall view of utopium.

And the NFTs and how you can use you NFT along with DP.


Which exchanges do you plan to list on in the future?


We will let community know once we are ready on this part.


What is the business model of your project? How does it work? And who are your potential customers and which markets are you targeting?


We build metaverse and NFT for our clients/ brands to participate in our metaverse.


Due to time constraints, our Q&A session is over. Thanks for your @AvalonJP patient answer! Also, thank you very much for your active participation! 👍


Thank you all for all the questions and passions about Parallell.

For more information on Parallell, feel free to follow our socials below:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Parallell_
Telegram: https://twitter.com/Parallell_






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