Computecoin and Parallell announce a partnership for scaling the next generation of metaverses

2 min readJul 31, 2022

Computecoin, a Web3 cloud infrastructure platform and Parallell,a next generation travel and digital twin metaverse have announced a partnership to onboard and scale users onto live and virtual space events. This collaboration will include training, tools, infrastructure and expertise on technical and solution based results for creating better user experiences in the metaverse space.

People interested in how the next generation of immersive virtual spaces can scale and unlock the full potential of Web3 in the growing trend of real assets bridging into traveling should follow this partnership closely.

Computecoin provides rich, low-cost, low-latency, and trustworthy computing and storage power for Web3 and Metaverse applications via a decentralized network.

Empowering a wide range of compute-intensive tasks, including 3D rendering, machine learning, crypto mining, complex calculations, NLP, and dApp development, among others, Computecoin has tailored its services to suit the needs of diverse users, including VR/AR developers, AI engineers and teams, metaverse end users, NFT collectors, and Defi platforms, just to name a few.

Parallell is an immersive travel and gaming experience in the Metaverse. Explore Earth’s digital twin in Terra3 and a futuristic space station, Utopium. Come discover endless opportunities for play, travel, socializing, creating, and exploring.










In the open-world game Simban, players can go to visually stunning Islands and resorts as well as experience an open galaxy with quests and mini-games.