Imagine New Worlds of Possibilities

As human beings we strive to be social creatures with an innate curiosity to learn and explore. With digital worlds we are just beginning our journey to create wonders that only our minds can imagine.

The Parallell metaverse project provides the framework and the tools to live, play and create digital lives that can mirror our physical world but also give us a choice to live in a more fantastic and even magical realm. The choice is up to you to live in either worlds or switch between the two at will.

The Parallell galaxy offers a cinematic experience for both explorers and residents to shape and experience in their preferred mode. They can have a hyper realistic facsimile of their real world for them to conduct business, events and entertainment or they can choose a more gamified and curated experience as crafted by others that can recreate fictional stories and concepts in an immersive, dynamic and persistent world of their choosing.

In the Parallell galaxy, there will be multiple worlds that users can switch between and explore. Visitors and residents of Parallell can travel to various locations in these worlds and earn rewards for accomplishing achievements. Currently, the Parallell team are working on two worlds with plans for additional worlds in the future.

The first world is called Terra 3 and is a digital twin of the physical world we live in. Working in partnership with actual property holders and resorts, Terra 3 will duplicate actual physical locations with the consent of the real physical owners and will recreate their properties onto Parallell’s Terra 3 world as closely as possible. Resorts will have a 3D VR ready version on Parallell’s Terra 3 world down to the same furniture and dimensions of their physical counterpart. This will allow guest and visitors to recreate previous visits or for those interested in visiting the physical location for the first time, to sample or walk through in digital form, the experience of being at the physical location. Imagine holding a wedding or conference at a physical resort but also having a virtual version of the resort at the same time to accommodate those unable to physically attend but still want to participate. That is the power of a digital twin. Since Terra 3 is a digital twin of the real physical world, players can travel and earn visiting and exploring both the virtual and physical version of the location and its landmarks.

The first digital twin resort on Terra 3 is Cerro Tusa, a luxury resort seated at the base of the largest natural pyramid on Earth ( located in Colombia, sitting on 33 hectares of land) recreated in the Parallell Metaverse.

The resort and the natural pyramid are now finally within your reach. Although Cerro Tusa seeks to duplicate all the details of the physical resort, we have set aside areas next to it as gaming parks where guests and visitors can explore, visit and have adventures like in a game or challenge that does not exist in the real world. Using lore and settings from the actual area, visitors can experience a new level of immersive experiences when they feel a need for adventure or thrills that only a crafted quest can provide.

The other world in the Parallell galaxy is Utopium, a free floating space station that combines a hyper realistic rendition of a luxury hotel and galleria complete with districts for entertainment like racing, gaming, arena sports, concerts and spectator events . Utopium provides a high end experience of luxury, service and business that combines real world brands, products and services within a futuristic setting.

Guests and residents will be able to interact with real companies and purchase real products within a 3D immersive environment that evokes a level of comfort and opulence unmatched in the teal world. Users will be able to buy or rent premium land and goods in Utopoium and become residents of the space station year round surrounded by fine art and beautiful views.

Although set in a fictional space station location, visitors can interact with the real world of commerce and society while in Utopium. Inside the station, visitors can travel and earn rewards by completing tasks or solving games and puzzles as they visit landmarks and events.

Within the space station, there will be areas to accommodate real concerts and events. Visitors can spectate and even participate in some of the sporting and e-gaming events planned. A hallmark of Utopium will be a space themed race track for those that have a need for speed.

Utopium will also have their own gaming districts ranging from PvP sports and combat to casual social games and casinos. The objective of Utopium is to give visitors a place to enjoy themselves, celebrate with friends and to make new social and business contacts.

As Utopium grows and expands, future new modular units can be added to the station as needed . Eventually more stations will be built and launched with opportunities to buy and own spaces in future expansions.

These worlds are just a start of the many experiences that will grow and evolve as Parallell builds more. The project aims to be open ended and grow with its community together to infinity and beyond. Follow Parallell on social media to learn more.









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