Parallell and Burble announce partnership to bring events and festivals into the metaverse

2 min readJul 19, 2022

Parallell and Burble have announced a partnership to bring creative performance artists and events into future Web3 and Metaverse experiences. These collaborations will include concerts and other events in the virtual space using NFTs and their portfolio of talent to perform 3D immersive traveling and earning experiences. These concerts and events could be held on Parallell worlds and travelers can travel to concerts and discover new artists.

This partnership will also collaborate on creating future music and art festivals to highlight both emerging talent and popular performers to the growing travelers of online digital natives.

Burble will bring forth a cultivated list of artists eager to bring a new forms of expression to their fans.Parallell is exploring lots of entertainment events to create more amazing travel experiences.Traveleres can experience storytellers, interview the featured artists and gather insights into their life. Travelers can hunt for treasure by solving puzzles around concert locations and earn rewards.

Both fans and early travelers of this cutting edge entertainment and community space will be excited to learn of future updates from this partnership.

Burble is a Web3 entertainment and media company that focuses on returning value to icons by creating and sharing exclusive content with their community — utilizing untold stories brought to life through art. Burble’s unique approach allows users to “own the story” by embedding NFT’s throughout a scrolly-telling experience inspired by icons, designed by acclaimed visual artists.

Parallell is an immersive travel and gaming experience. Parallell aims to build a dimensional digital twin of Earth with lots of unknown planets and space for players to explore. Travel and explore Earth’s digital twin in Terra3 and a futuristic space station in Utopium. Come discover endless earning opportunities for travel, play, socializing, creating, and exploring.










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