Parallell rebranding to

2 min readSep 30, 2022

We are pleased to announce that today, as part of our expansion strategy we are rebranding parallell to as well as releasing a new logo and soon a redesigned website.

In the past, we have collaborated with numerous IPs to create digital twins and we have achieved many milestones, such as the launch of our digital passport on Biance.

However, we discovered that our value is far greater than that and that our purpose should be more challenging.

Our mission is to build a “travel and earn” galaxy driven by blockchain that will profoundly change how we engage with the real world, enjoy entertainment, and take part in innovative socioeconomic systems.

Therefore, the company’s renaming to is a representation of the way the company is growing and expanding to follow our mission. Parallell was only a small portion of the whole project so we felt the name Simban was more suited for the project.

Simban else Symban (Συν+παν, Σύμπαν): the Greek word for the universe which states that all coexist.

Besides our name and the logo, nothing is changing. We are still building a travel-style metaverse with integrated digital twins of real world and fantasy planets which have never been seen before.

Simban is the first “travel and earn” galaxy. Players can experience visually stunning earth locations and earn tokens or NFTs in the open virtual galaxy combined with quests and mini-games by traveling, exploring, playing mini-games, engaging in outdoor activities, attending concerts, going on treasure hunts, running a planet, or operating a business.

Simban gives users the power and resources to create an emergent metaverse. Simban aims to sway millions of travelers toward a more fascinating lifestyle with Travel-Fi by removing geographic restrictions and bridging the gap between Web 3.0 and the real world.

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In the open-world game Simban, players can go to visually stunning Islands and resorts as well as experience an open galaxy with quests and mini-games.