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The promise of the metaverse has many different versions as there are people and ideas in the world. These last few years and just these last few days have shown us a world changing before our eyes. We work remotely, we communicate globally and now we can accept living, working, learning and playing online partially by necessity but also because of our desire to connect and to play.

One promise of the metaverse that will focus on is to deliver a safe but fulfilling space to play, travel and explore together in a crafted and immersive world. Although still in development, Parallell will create a fantastic destination for experiencing the future of connected worlds and experiences.

The Parallell metaverse strives to be more than empty land waiting for people to build a hodgepodge of disjointed and chaotic locations. The Parallell metaverse will be crafted with stories, lore and characters to create themed experiences and spaces.

Parallells is a cinematic gaming and travel experience that blurs the line between reality and fantasy by combining earth-based locations (digital twins) and mystical Parallell dimensions.

The Parallell Metaverse:

A series of planets connected via an intergalactic system of worm holes that serve as portals connecting various universes into a cohesive, ever-expanding multiverse.

Parallells currently has two Worlds in development, more will be added in the future.

Terra 3

Terra3 is a digital twin of Earth within a constantly expanding, photorealistic metaverse. Terra 3 captures the familiarity of our current real world but ramps up the visuals and underlying narrative to create a curated experience and story.

Terra 3 allows visitors to explore, enjoy and unravel the mysteries of a photorealistic rendition of Cerra Tusa Colombia. This lavish tropical adventure will take visitors to an experience that will come as close as to real travel and exploration without the jet lag.

PSS Utopium

PSS Utopium is a galactic orbital space platform world housing a thriving commercial, gaming and entertainment experience set in a near present time frame. Players will see familiar storefronts and services that connect to the real offline world and conduct business, play and learn with real or future friends.

Together these three worlds will allow players to choose their level of realism and interaction that best suits them. The worlds will be connected through portals for each world that travelers with Parallell passports can move between to meet their appropriate needs.

Come learn more about this development journey and how you can be part of the adventure as more news and updates are announced.

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